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Valentine's Day Origami Hearts with wings

(Italian Version here)

This post's risk is that it may sound more complicated in the description than seen in images or done. Don't let it discourage you, because, even though the passages are many, they're all simple.

You just need some sheets of two-colored origami paper, possibly white on one side, or anyway in two colours, so that wings will come out better.


1. Take one sheet of origami paper
2. fold in two
3.Open it again
4. Turn it 90°. 
5. Fold in two again.
6. Open it
7. That's what it'll look like after folding it twice and opening it.

8. Now fold lower part to central crease
9. Flip the sheet over, now colour facing you, and fold, taking the left corner, to the central crease.
10. Repeat on the right.
11. Flip the sheet around again
12. Take the top right corner and fold to the central crease
13. That's the result

14. Take the left corner and fold to the central crease.
15 Open up
16. Now take the upper border of the paper, fold along the horizontal line and flatten
17. The left white side will follow and you have to flatten it onto the red part, like in picture
18 and 19.

20. Repeat on the right side, flatten quell
21. and 22. Now take the bottom right corner, lift and fold diagonally until the top horizontal line and crease.
23. and 24 Repeat on the left side
25. it'll look like this in the end.

26. Now take the bottom of the paper and fold upwards and crease until you obtain a boat shaped piece (27 and 28)
29. Take the boad-shaped flap you obtained and fold into fourths. (30 and 31).

32. and 33. Open it up again, like in picture 34
35. 36.37. That's what it'll look like once opened

38.39.40. Further divide flaps into eights, accordion-style.
41. Bend gently the wings at center
42. Final look
43. Flip over and that's what it'll look like
44. Flip over again. 
45. Take the top left corner of the right area and fold it to make a small triangle.
46. Take the top right corner and fold it to make another tiny trinagle
47. Take the tip of the triangle and fold it to the base of the same triangle
48. Repeat on the left side
49. The final result

and now flip over and open a little bit the wings:

Now that's it. You can make one, and give it as a cadeau. You can use it as a Valentine's Day card. You can make many and give them away. Or decorate your house, punching a little hole in each and attaching them as a garland.
Have fun!

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